Happy 1 year anniversary! 

It's been one year since we released our debut EP, Polysonica. My, my, time flies. Give it a spin on our player below and pick up a copy from our shop if you'd like!


Album art sneak peek 

It's busy here in the post production bubble! I got some updates on the album art that is in the works from our visual artist, Catherine. Can say that I am quite excited to see the final results of our planning. Flow, form, and feeling all resonate strongly in this project. I am thankful to know such talented artists who I can connect and collaborate with so easily.



How to make a movie (pt. II) 

Today we hit up the cascades of Beaver Lake bright and early for more video shooting. Our good friend and talented videographer, Xavier, brought a drone with him. Check out his work at Rocky Ramblers. Apparently drones can be purely good things when used for art – that’s what we’ve got going on in this shot. I don’t think I’ll stop laughing anytime soon about the curious and quizzical looks of joggers passing by! So very grateful to have motivated and willing and helpful people on this artistic journey! 


How to make a movie 


I have no idea what I am doing. But here we are, on set, in the blazing sun, on Father's Day, filming a scene for an upcoming music video of our song, 'Soliloquy'. We're having fun and I suppose that's what this is all about, this art making biz. In a delirious moment of heat, lack of water, and a need to alleviate the stress, we took a much needed moment to capture this glorious little extra bit on film. Everything is better in slow-mo, so they say. I find this statement hard to disagree with - you can judge for yourself. Stay creative out there! 



Adrift in what seems like an endless feeling of doubt and contemplation. Stereotypically the artist, I am. Some romanticize these headspace moments but perhaps I’m just too old for that sort of thing. There are many song lyrics that I’ve heard over the years, quietly sung, like a plea or a prayer, captured on tape and spun into the fabric of the snowballing narrative of the downward spiraling artist. Just as the album starts to take real shape, I find myself rejecting everything that it stands for; for hopes and dreams are ploys crafted in the hearts of naïve youth, too fucked to care of the repercussions. Yet hopes and dreams are the only thing worth standing for in a turbulent political world entwined in violent clashes and vomiting xenophobic walls: the dark side of humanity. Hopes and dreams are the weapons of the pure at heart with the joke being that none of us are pure, but I don’t really believe that. I think purity in adults is a kind of stubbornness, a resilient twitch that refuses to desist and diminish. I sigh, knowing that sighing is really a waste of energy. “What’s the point, then?” I asked my friend and band mate. “The journey,” he says with a knowing smile. Wise, he really is wise. 

My most recent impression is that the album has bass worth listening to. Rock music has been lacking bass that grooves and takes control, I feel. Where everything seems like a copy of a copy of a copy and nothing is offensive, I hope the bass offends people in this album. I hope my lyrics are worth listening to. I hope; I dream. 


That ol’ country twang 

Sunny Saturday mornings in the car on the way to the studio with throwback music on the radio: Will Smith’s ‘Men in Black’ followed by some generic rock tune with a strange country twang. Just missing the drawl, I thought to myself. We arrive and set up in our musky den of a studio with the incessant buzzing of the fluorescent lights above as company. Flip the switches, position the mics, tune the guitars, warm up the mics: ready to go. We start with some gypsy-metal song, Aoi’s fingers working like lightning. Done; next: a slow somber dirge. Done in one take. This stuff’s easy. Turned on the gooey love vibes. I show Aoi the current studio version of the song and ask him if he approves of it over our live version. He’s quiet for a moment, considering his strategy, then nods. He re-writes his arrangement on the spot, feeling the moment. I’m watching in quiet wonder as I know this moment well myself but witnessing another do the same is still magic – this is how music is made in a band, this moment here. He finishes his take, I stop the track and say, “That was good,” to which he replies, “Good because I have no idea what I just played.” If you’re reading this, you’ll hear it on the record in the song, “The Silent Thoughts” – it’s got that charming country twang.


Little ants 

Scurrying around like a busy ant has been very productive. Sometimes you find yourself going in one direction and then you realize you’re better off going another. Looking down from above, this can seem chaotic and nonsensical but in the middle of recording the album, planning a music video, and wheeling and dealing with various artists in the creation of the album artwork, it feels very much like what exactly should be happening. Making art is often romanticized by those looking in while those who are involved in the process, often are too haggard and goal-driven to even notice what is getting done. I suppose a blog post is a way of planting a marker. Here I am! I’m still alive and working and surviving and dodging the socio-political bullets that are constantly whizzing by my ears and eyes every time I peek onto the digital landscape of social media. Amidst all the violence and struggles of different social groups, I find myself most assured in taking my stand inside what I am able to control: sounds and words emanating from within and embedded onto plastic vinyl discs (to be!). 


Radio, play my favourite song 

Captain Light reporting in, just a few things in the works in 2017:

We are participating in a little contest called Emergenza and will be performing on February the 25th at Piranha Bar. You can read more about it here. There will be a lot of bands so if you are anything of a local music enthusiast, I highly recommend coming out to enjoy the talent.

Also, we are busy in studio, working on our first LP. My projected release date is sometime in May, perhaps even earlier. It's too early to tell but one can hope. Perhaps the most exciting news to announce is that our punchy song, Burning Blue Soul, from our debut EP, Polysonica, has made its way onto the radio. You can tune in to the radio station, Kiss Intl 107.7 FM and find it on rotation. I hope everyone is doing well in the new year.