Swallowing 2016 

This fabled year has reminded me of the greatness of our world and its talents. We often look above or beyond some horizon in times of need in order to gather strength within to persevere through hard times. When I reflect on those who have been lost in the world of entertainment, to the great musicians and actors/actresses, I can only sternly endeavor to do my best in honouring your legacies and imbuing my own efforts with your colour and flavour, for indeed, you have left quite an impression in your wake. Looking forward, the band has had its own fair share of changes – life is so rarely stable when risk is your game, art your craft, and honesty your mission. Here we come, 2017.


The shape of gratitude 

I’ve had a few days to think about the EP release and collect some of my thoughts on what this all means to me. The first studio recording is always an important step for every band. It establishes not only their presence to the public but also affirms amongst the band members their capabilities as a group and where they might go as a band. There have been much more than four band members involved in this endeavor. That said, I would like to thank my former members, Pauline and William, respectively, for their participation, energy, spirit, and musicianship in the creation of this project. My current band mates, Aoi and Michael, for sticking through all this time as we figured out together just how we could release music that ‘fit’ all the nuances that comprised years and years of our collective experiences and efforts. I offer a special nod to our newest member, Antoine, for coming in so late and quite simply saving the day when we absolutely needed to keep going. I want to thank the ‘Maestro’, Raphael, for his experience, understanding, and ability to help me shape my vision of the band’s music. Friends, supporters, fans: you are the lifeblood of any band’s efforts. You have given favor after favor for simply asking about the progress of the band, offering a thought, throwing a compliment, attending shows, and lending an ear to an obsessive and quite mad creative. I can only say “thank you” but perhaps that is enough when it is sincere and cherished.



Fortune cookie 

What could this ominous cookie be fortelling, I wonder? So very ominous... 

Polysonica is coming soon! 


Mix master magic! 

August 2, 2016 

Mixes done. Mastering - I deferred to Maestro Raphael in this. After many talks of what kind of sound the band was going for - we had come to some Frankenstein phrase of "...where the 90s meets the 60s and simple is the name." With that in mind, there wasn't much else I could do but wait. When you let go of what you've held on to for so long, you can only wonder what might happen. I suspect what must be a sacred rule for many, mastering is a process best done in solitude. Doors with the white and red signs plastered "KEEP OUT" and other such barring features come to mind. 

And then, finally, I get the word: "Incoming." 

Clarity on so many levels; it's always a nice and fresh feeling to come to the end of something that felt like it lost its way too many times. The magic of the moment sets in as I take a first listen to what will be our first release. I spread the word to the others, not knowing quite how to frame it other than, "It's done..!" 


The red ninja turtle 

July 27, 2016 

After recording comes mixing. Mixing is always a long and arduous process. Every time I reach this stage, I always wonder how much the sound in my head is guiding me versus how much I ought to pay attention to the ever evolving technology that seemingly presents better and more efficient ways of sculpting and shaping the soundscape at hand. 

Fortunately, I've been able to work with the maestro, Raphael Rosenwald, who has been an invaluable source of pain (the good kind) in pushing me to demand the most out of the recording process, which in turn makes the mixing process either a giant headache or a pleasant learning experience. Always learning - that's important. Being somewhat of a tone freak, I can sometimes become preoccupied with that rabbit hole before emerging with a whole set of other ideas of what might be if I blend this guitar sound with that one and take the bass guitar and ping-pong it back and forth through the mix ("The center, it's supposed to go in the center!" - Raphael). But...