void void/Submit adjective adjective: void 1. not valid or legally binding. "the contract was void" synonyms: invalid, null, ineffective, nonviable, useless, worthless, nugatory "the election was void" antonyms: valid (of speech or action) ineffectual; useless. "all the stratagems you've worked out are rendered void" 2. completely empty. "void spaces surround the tanks" synonyms: empty, vacant, blank, bare, clear, free, unfilled, unoccupied, uninhabited "vast void spaces" antonyms: full free from; lacking. "what were once the masterpieces of literature are now void of meaning" synonyms: devoid of, empty of, vacant of, bereft of, free from; More antonyms: occupied formal (of an office or position) vacant. 3. (in bridge and whist) having been dealt no cards in a particular suit. noun noun: void; plural noun: voids Middle English (in the sense ‘unoccupied’): from a dialect variant of Old French vuide ; related to Latin vacare ‘vacate’; the verb partly a shortening of avoid, reinforced by Old French voider. ”

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