Little ants

Scurrying around like a busy ant has been very productive. Sometimes you find yourself going in one direction and then you realize you’re better off going another. Looking down from above, this can seem chaotic and nonsensical but in the middle of recording the album, planning a music video, and wheeling and dealing with various artists in the creation of the album artwork, it feels very much like what exactly should be happening. Making art is often romanticized by those looking in while those who are involved in the process, often are too haggard and goal-driven to even notice what is getting done. I suppose a blog post is a way of planting a marker. Here I am! I’m still alive and working and surviving and dodging the socio-political bullets that are constantly whizzing by my ears and eyes every time I peek onto the digital landscape of social media. Amidst all the violence and struggles of different social groups, I find myself most assured in taking my stand inside what I am able to control: sounds and words emanating from within and embedded onto plastic vinyl discs (to be!).