Your mission, should you choose to accept

There's been a secret side project in the works - that's code for: I didn't know whether or not we would get around to actually doing it! The project started off with Devin proposing the idea that we go old school and do a set of remixes of one of the band's past singles. My first thought was that no one actually collects music in that way anymore, at least not in the genre that we do. Neither would people even get a whiff of what we were up to amidst twitchy attention spans of the modern multi-pixelated social media age -- but making art is art, and I couldn't resist the prospect of exploring the potential of the song 'At First Sight' since everyone seems to tell me what a great little piece of music it is. So, that's that. And without even realizing it, in between the making of the album, we've gone and released a four-set song compilation of remixes. 

Between the haze of it all, I tried to come up with a fun idea in engaging some of our fans to participate in this otherwise obscure project, and lo, great success on that front! You can check out the result of fan engagement by sneaking a peek at our pre-release video where you'll see the album cover is covered with some furry friends who belong to our little loyal army of fans! I had a great time putting it together and I'm really looking forward to releasing this little collection of remixes.


Excited to be releasing a remix of our single "At First Sight" on all platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, etc)! 

February 27, 2018! 

50% of all purchases off our website in February & March go to animal rescue!! (=^x^=) 

And finally, congratulations to our cat cover contest winners! We hope you dig the album cover!