Broken spells 

July 9, 2016 

Lots going on. We broke our 7-month spell and performed for the first time with our new bassist, Antoine. All of us were beyond eager to play and perhaps a bit too much of that energy found its way into my amp, which copped out mid solo. I suppose these things can’t be helped but it hardly felt — what is it they say — like rock n’ roll. Fortunately there were three other amps on stage to choose from and I’m happy to note that our audience were understanding and supportive and cheering us on. It’s not an easy transition to emerge from the darkness of the studio world with your ears neurotically tuned to every little right/wrong nuance of the upcoming recorded songs and then to make the switch to a live set. However, it is indeed a very welcome change! We are excited to be joining our local musical counterparts again on the local Montreal scene. And not to mention setting a release date for our first studio EP. Stay tuned!