Everything coming to a close

This is where everything can go wrong. I was talking to a friend about running marathons and she told me that one of the hardest things to train yourself *not* to do is thinking about the end when there are still miles yet to run. I could only nod and go "mmm" as I chewed on her wisdom.

So, where am I? Somewhere lost in the timescape æther of the very inception of this album to this point of no return, where, for better or worse, fragments of dreams and words and sounds are coming to a close but with miles yet to run. Fortunately, with a little help from my friends, I can keep my sanity intact. I can, I can, I can.

So, here I am. I often lob the ball into Devin's court who rigorously keeps my ears in line for all lines are blurred. Sound waves pass thru and reverberate in the echo chamber of my brain and bounce around screaming, "What is this you're hearing!? Is this what you want!?" -- something like that.

I've also brought onboard another trusted and talented friend, Louis-Philipe, (I am truly blessed to know such people!) who will be mastering the album. He also helps keeps the peace inside the ol' noggin. LP and I spent the other night waxing on for hours about sound and the perfect tone and what we really loved about albums and their potential to make us feel warmth. It's this kind of comfort-talk that I find myself not only in good company but thoughtful company as well. 

There's a special sort of moment, too...when you get back your first song mastered: polished, unveiled, and borne. There's a certain clarity in what happens in private moments when you are able to unburden yourself from all the baggage you've been carrying, like coming home after a long sojourn and discovering what it's like to enjoy sitting in your favourite chair again. 

I'm looking forward to listening to music again. I'm also looking forward to sharing THIS music.