Happy holidays 

December 27, 2015 

Hello and happy holidays in whatever way you might celebrate this annual season of reflection, love, and giving. I've taken a moment to reflect myself, on how far this band has come this past year. Thru the grace of time and a pocketful of luck between the collection of lint in my pockets of wasted thoughts and days, we've managed to muster together in what I might daresay is a harmonious effort to put forth our first real submission of music to the public's ear. We're almost there and so very excited to share our sound with you. And with that, we're pushing forward into the new year with a kind of deliberate foolishness, myself at the helm, of what may come, and what may be, whoever is to know, and what powers may forgive, ready or not: here we go! Much has yet to be said, much is still in the box of dreams I keep tucked under my bed, much is still ... well, we shall see as time always tells.