Mix master magic!

August 2, 2016 

Mixes done. Mastering - I deferred to Maestro Raphael in this. After many talks of what kind of sound the band was going for - we had come to some Frankenstein phrase of "...where the 90s meets the 60s and simple is the name." With that in mind, there wasn't much else I could do but wait. When you let go of what you've held on to for so long, you can only wonder what might happen. I suspect what must be a sacred rule for many, mastering is a process best done in solitude. Doors with the white and red signs plastered "KEEP OUT" and other such barring features come to mind. 

And then, finally, I get the word: "Incoming." 

Clarity on so many levels; it's always a nice and fresh feeling to come to the end of something that felt like it lost its way too many times. The magic of the moment sets in as I take a first listen to what will be our first release. I spread the word to the others, not knowing quite how to frame it other than, "It's done..!"