Who's in charge here?

July 27, 2015

Band practice in between recording sessions carries a restless kind of tension. You show up, ready to play, but some part of you just wants to revel in all the exciting things that you want to be happening all at once. What does this mean? It means there's so much to do and schedules are tight, which means time is limited. This also means we're forced to cram everything into short little sessions of "how should we spend our time together?" The work muse is always calling for more, however. It will never be satisfied. In my experience, you have to keep giving everything to it until you find a new project. Some kind of eerie symbiosis - when you're away, you can't stop thinking about the work. When you're arranging to get together with the work, it incessantly nags at you. Only when you're in the work - in unison with it, does the tension ease, the cellphones cease to exist, and you find yourself in harmony with all that should be, and the hours flutter by without a care.