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At First Sight (Psycho Kitty Mix)

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Written by: Ravi Light
Song by: Slow Power Up
Mixed and Produced by: David Philips
Mastered by: David Philips


at first sight

on sunday, i'll promise
to meet you where travellers dream
medallion of my dark
the captive in me knows, dawn comes after night
i'll pass every hour, reading your face and you mine
i've caged this life
these verses i've longed to release

at first sight
i knew this would change our lives
this time
happiness are you real?
this light
happiness are you real?

by sunday, i'll need you
to risk where lovers dare not go
starlet of my skies
hold fast to this moment, surrender to my fight
would she brave my night
sing the sorrow from these eyes
i'm good for every end
loyal to the last embers in your fire

at first kiss
your lips burned all my fears
tangled in your sleep
happiness are you real?
dizzy with bliss
happiness are you real?

don’t you know how i feel?