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  1. Olive Oil

From the album KeyStrings & Lockets

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Olive Oil

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Written and produced by Slow Power Up.
Mixed by: Louis-Philippe Amiot, Ravi Light, David Philips.
Mastered by: Louis-Philippe Amiot.


olive oil

go my son
father said
out there it's broken and empty
travel far
see the world as it is
until it disappears
tell those gods of swine
i haven't got a care in mind
radiostars on my
TV colours my fascination
all that you are
she swallows the words
spits the storyline
ease my doubt
dedicate my heart

met a gypsy on the road
caravan far behind
she changed all my rules
as she flipped her hair with a smile
the stars she said the only way out
keyholes in the sky
we dreamed for seven years
sipping life as wine