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  1. Sweet 1

From the album KeyStrings & Lockets

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Sweet 1

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Written and produced by Slow Power Up.
Mixed by: Louis-Philippe Amiot, Ravi Light, David Philips.
Mastered by: Louis-Philippe Amiot.


sweet 1

my desire, helpless sin
i am broken from within
rune baby, you’re my sweet one
a one and only for myself
my lonely, secret treasure
that i won’t cash in for fantasy
i’m destruction, i’m devotion
i’m the faith for your heresy

cause you’re all plebs and i’m so sad
oh well, oh no, who cares, too bad

a true poet is who i’ll be
for fads and fakers are all i see
gifts of innocence are lost in bliss
and i’m lovelorn and lusty, just like you

you’re running down on all your shine
you’re born to lose every time

revelations come in an ever-waking dream
can reality be what i really need?
for all the magic that resides in me
this can’t be nothing that i feel

the twisted mannequins smile down at me
where dirty children run so free
in a world where hope is devoid of me
oh god above, this cannot be
if love is roses then i’m the thorns
and you’re the softest petals

you’re the one to take my hand
you’re the lover to understand