From the album KeyStrings & Lockets

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Becoming the Villain

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Written and produced by Slow Power Up.
Mixed by: Louis-Philippe Amiot, Ravi Light, David Philips.
Mastered by: Louis-Philippe Amiot.


becoming the villain

they say life is a parade
you're in or out, kid
so make no mistake
i'll play to win, the devil my trump
for pride and glory and the rest

i've seen doom on the road
like wolves with no teeth
as i crash like yesterday
darling, oh, where are your arms?

i saw an old fool
lose his wife to rings and things
too much to carry
but for lord's sake
someone give his son a job

i've seen death on the road
like crows at dawn
as i wake with strangers
darling, oh, where are your arms?

they say loss is empty
with no second chances
pennies for my grief
can't stand my own tune
and nowhere to go
i've been alone on the road
like a homeless ghost
as i crawl through the filth
darling, oh