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  1. Serpents

From the album KeyStrings & Lockets

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Written and produced by Slow Power Up.
Mixed by: Louis-Philippe Amiot, Ravi Light, David Philips.
Mastered by: Louis-Philippe Amiot.



i don’t want to be alone
but there is a secret deep inside
i know not of what or why
i feel it coiled around my spine
on a wing and a prayer
armed with a penitent knife
no more strength, no more pain
no wait, please stay

patience taught me fury
to strike the agent
to eat you whole
there’s no way out
so come taste the air
and ante up
play the game
roll your dice
snake eyes
we are consumers
in cosmetic costumes
we are cosmic forces
with imploding wills connecting madness
and apple eyes
snake bite

now i’m free
lost in disbelief
full of life
now i’m free

get out of my way
i’m running my maze
i’m running my maze